How Do I Plan a Backyard Hot Tub Installation? 7 Easy Steps


Is your backyard missing something special?

If you suffer from aches and pains, have trouble getting to sleep, or want to spend more time with the family, you might just be in the market for a backyard hot tub.

What better way to get kids off their phones and engage in some good family time than by adding some water?

Buying a hot tub and having it properly installed in your backyard can be a simple process when done correctly.

In this article, we’re going to walk you through the steps of finding the best hot tub and help you plan the backyard hot tub installation of your dreams.

1. Your Family’s Needs and Wants

Before making any major decision, it’s important to take a look at the bigger picture.

Really think about what your family needs from a backyard hot tub installation and what they want.

Things you need will be held in much higher priority than the wants, which may be optional or can be done later.

Six things to take into consideration include:

  1. The size of your family – how many people will the hot tub need to accommodate?
  2. The main use of the spa – is it geared toward relaxation or entertainment?
  3. The atmosphere – will your installation require an entertainment system, matching outdoor furniture, exterior lighting, or an outdoor bar/kitchen area?
  4. Your budget – will you start off modest and add more to your installation as time goes on? Or go all out with an elaborate installation from the get-go?
  5. Your hobbies and interests – will you be using the spa for yoga or exercise?
  6. Your free time – will you have time to test and treat the water regularly, or would regular hot tub service solutions be an ideal approach for maintaining your spa?

Once you have separated your needs from your wants, create an honest budget for both short-term and long-term costs.

Short-term costs can include the hot tub, hot tub cover, delivery and installation, deck or patio renovations, chemicals, and set-up.

The long-term costs can include service and maintenance, chemicals, hot tub accessories, landscaping, exterior lighting, power, and repair.

2. Access To And From The House

Once you have chosen the best hot tub for you and your family and decided exactly what you want from your outdoor hot tub installation, you can begin some more in-depth planning! For starters, access to and from the house.

If you live in Duncan, B.C., or surrounding areas, or in Canada in general, you’re likely all too familiar with the harsh winter weather.

Pro Tip: for a more built-in look and enhanced functionality, install your hot tub in-ground within your deck/patio area.

3. Electrical Options

Your hot tub is going to need a reliable source of electricity. The further your backyard hot tub installation is from a source, the higher the cost will be for an expert to run a connection.

As we mentioned above, installing your backyard hot tub into an existing deck and patio area can offer a sound solution, as it will be much closer to a reliable source of electricity.

4. Backyard Hot Tub Privacy From Nosy Neighbours

No matter how close you are to your neighbors, everyone needs a little space from time to time.

Avoid awkward eye contact or small talk about the weather by creating a space geared toward privacy and seclusion.

To enhance privacy, try adding the following near or around your outdoor hot tub installation:

  • Trees
  • Thick bushes
  • Privacy screens
  • Gazebo with shutters, screens, or blinds
  • Pergola with shutters, screens, or blinds
  • Garden Trellis

Extending the height of a fence could also provide your backyard with more privacy.

5. How’s The View?

Do you have an area of your backyard that is truly stunning? Perhaps a flower garden or waterfall area that you just can’t get enough of? Or maybe you have a complete fire pit installation and entertainment area that you’d like to maximize with your hot tub.

If so, you may want to take this into consideration when planning the location of your spa.

6. Drainage

Which way does water flow in your backyard when it rains?

Your landscaping should accommodate this to ensure that water flows the opposite way from your house and other permanent structures to avoid flooding and damage.

Whether you have a drainage system in place or not, this is a very important consideration to keep in mind to protect your hot tub.

7. Finishing Touches

Once your backyard hot tub installation is complete, it’s time for the finishing touches!

These can be added right away or over a longer period of time. These backyard essentials can really help bring your backyard to life and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Some hot tub accessories and backyard essentials you may want to consider can include:

  • Hot tub cover
  • Hot tub steps
  • Hot tub chemicals and storage
  • Exterior lights
  • Outdoor water features
  • High-quality patio furniture
  • BBQ or fire pit
  • Outdoor kitchen or bar
  • Outdoor candles
  • Throw pillows and cushions
  • Entertainment system

Your backyard project doesn’t have to end with a hot tub. Have you considered a hot tub and pool combination?

Although a much bigger project, the results pay off almost instantly. Revolutionize your backyard and your overall lifestyle with one comprehensive backyard renovation project.

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