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Are you the proud owner of an outdoor hot tub? Get the most out of your spa by ensuring that it’s operating in peak condition. The experts at Sun Valley Pools & Spas can facilitate and perform maintenance services to keep the water sparkling and jets running, so you can get back to enjoying your hot tub. For everyday care, use and maintenance, browse through our owner resources or take a look at our frequently asked questions.


Find the information quickly and efficiently with our resources. From brochures and delivery guides to manuals, warranty information, and more, our resource centre has it all.


Whether you already have a hot tub or you’re considering purchasing one, you may have questions. Our list of frequently asked questions is meant to assist you with clear and simple solutions.

Health Benefits

Did you know that the regular use of a hot tub can help to improve your health in many ways? From better sleep and reduced stress to eased physical pain and more, find out how hydrotherapy can help.

Video Gallery

Our video gallery can provide you with a range of helpful information about your spa. From brand history and information to detailed model breakdowns, health benefits, and more.

Install Gallery

No two backyards or lifestyles are the same, so why should your hot tub installation be any different? Find inspiration in our installation gallery to help bring your backyard to life with a spa.

The Blog

We believe that knowledge is key to successful hot tub ownership. Browse information, find the latest news and make the most of your home with the information in our digital learning and resource center.

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Do You Need Service?

Our team of experts can visit your home to perform a full inspection of your spa. We can facilitate the care, repair and maintenance that your spa needs, when you need it most.